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Double Glazed Windows – Form and Function

Double glazing – insulation, noise reduction, security

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The concept of Double Glazed Windows is nearly a century old, but became commonly used in 1950s house construction. Window frame systems today are the response to the evolution of double glazing. They consist of two glass window panes separated by a vacuum or gas-filled space to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building envelope. Their profiles, the system of internal hollow compartments or chambers encasing the glass panels, assist the insulation process.

Insulation effectiveness depends on the thickness of space between the panels. To reduce condensation, air between the panes is replaced by a lower thermal conductivity gas.

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Noise reduction occurs when there is a large air space between the panes, especially when one pane is thicker than its twin. Other techniques are laminated glass with varied interlayer thickness and thermally improved aluminium air spacers.

Robustness in material, design and twin glass panels are part of the improved security that double glazing affords.

Double glazing – wood, PVC, aluminium window frames.

WindowWise sources premium glass, depending on the customer’s needs, from a number of leading glass manufacturers in the UK.

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In selecting the right sheet glass supplier for our bespoke windows, we consider:

  • translucency
  • thickness
  • toughness
  • insulation
  • fire resistance
  • solar control
  • performance

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