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Aluminium windows

Aluminium frames – a smart choice

Reynaers Aluminium Windows Windowwise Trade 03

It is the aluminium windows, their symmetry and placement that mark a house of distinctive design.

For houses that have stark architectural lines with strong window features, custom shaped windows for A-roof-lines or stunning wall lines, aluminium frames work best, as they’re manufactured from highly flexible extrusions that can be formed into many distinctive designs.

Aluminium window frames are quickly recognised for their elegant casing and slim-line sight. They are the right choice for homes of contemporary design where minimalism and airy space seem to dominate.

They are the choice of architects when designing houses with expansive windows and panoramic views of the outside world — a landscaped garden, wild meadow, distant hills or plenty of sky.

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  • durability
  • easy maintenance
  • strength
  • impact resistant
  • water resistant
  • light weight
  • energy saving
  • beautiful to look at

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In designing and manufacturing aluminium windows, we choose suppliers with the best products in:

  • thermal technology
  • secure locking mechanisms
  • the range of colours and finishes
  • ongoing technology research and development

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Our aluminium window designs, customised for house styles and plans, offer:

  • top swing fully reversible
  • horizontal slide window
  • vertical sliding window
  • pivot
  • tilt and turn
  • open-in
  • externally beaded casements
  • internally beaded casements

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