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What the Romans did for us
Earliest windows were nothing more than a hole in the wall — probably to let out smoke and let in air. Window coverings evolved from animal hide to flattened animal horn.

Then along came the Romans — bringing their Ancient Egyptian cast-glass windows, with as much obscuration as Coca Cola bottle bottoms.

Then came the Windows Tax (1696): 2 shillings a house with less than 10 windows, 4 shillings for those with 10 to 20 windows, and for houses with more than 20, a tax of 8 shillings. Better than income tax, said many, nevertheless an unpopular tax, and considered to be a tax on light and air.

Windows today
Today, particularly here where winters are crueller, window technology moves along at a spanking pace.

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A cross-section of a frame systems (profiles) shows a developed arrangement of compartments moulded to support the weight of large glass panes, side by side for double or triple glazing and to enhance the overall U value — that’s the insulated air gap for thermal resistance.

There are five basic materials: wood, PVC, aluminium, steel and fibreglass, each with varying efficiencies in thermal resistance, durability, maintenance, cost, recycle content and performance.

At WindowWise, we utilise two: PVC and aluminium for their suitability and performance. We are particularly conscious of environmental impact, and we like aluminium for its high recycled content and PVC for its recyclable content.

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Glass panes
We use toughened or laminated glass for safety and security and we also offer self-cleaning, acoustic (if near a busy road or airport) or solar control options.

Designing, manufacturing, delivering, installing
We undertake all parts of the process in straightforward window replacement, new window apertures for architectural feature or window refurbishment for small home improvement projects.

We will design a window or suite of windows to suit particular house periods: Elizabethan, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, 20th century or bang-on contemporary. Because we’ve got a great deal of home building experience ourselves, we can advise you on suitability, choice, materials, specifications and style.

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