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Roof Lanterns and Sky Lights

Roof Lanterns, Sky lights – bringing in the sky above

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It might seem that skylights are modern architectural inventions, but they’re centuries old, used in ancient Roman times.

Today, they perform the same function, day-lighting the interior, but just differently. Innovation has seen improvements in design, efficiency and energy conservation, particularly with the development of glazing.

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We provide and install skylight units in a range of options:

  • fixed flush – high performance, no internally visible framework
  • multi-part fixed flush – joining roof-lights for large expanse glazing
  • hinged – for ventilation
  • sliding – for access to flat roof tops

They are all thermally efficient, low maintenance and easy to clean, and have concealed fixings with safety glass.

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Roof lanterns

Roof lanterns too have a long history, first developed for renaissance architecture. Early models leaked. But those on the market today represent years of technology innovation, particularly insulation, glazing, performance and framework materials.

  • fixed square pyramid
  • electric hinged pyramid
  • octagonal pyramid
  • elongated pyramid

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