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Patio Doors – A Way Of Living

Sliding doors – indoors with the outdoors

Patio Doors Windowwise-Trade 01

Patio Doors, particularly in kitchen extensions that lengthen into the garden, are now so popular that if a family can afford it, they do it.

The broad expanse of glass — and the view through it — makes the living space appear greater, airier.

Doors that glide easily aside to give way to a balcony, patio or garden transform weekend living.

Sliding door configurations:

  • slide folding doors – opening to the full aperture – for full thoroughfare
  • sliding doors – with one door panel sliding behind the other
  • slim-line sliding door – with narrow profiles to optimise views

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WindowWise chooses suppliers that continually research materials and improve production processes to obtain optimal results. Big considerations for us are:

  • highest quality in materials
  • most robust manufacturing processes
  • double and triple glaze options
  • thermal technology – profiles that improve the overall U-value
  • secure multi-point locking mechanisms
  • range of colours and options
  • choice of finish – metallic, wood structure

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