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Solidor Composite Doors

The only hardwood core composite door on the market

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Solidor composite doors are the perfect combination of style, security and energy efficiency. With such a large range of colours, hardware and glazing to choose from Solidor really does give you all the control over the way you want your finished door to look, here are just a few options available to you :

  • Single, double or stable doors
  • Side lights / panels
  • Fan lights
  • Clear, obscured or patterned glazing
  • Modern or traditional style accessories – letterplates, knockers, handles etc.
  • Choices of locking mechanism – multi-point, automatic slam shut and more

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Colour choice can be problematic with so many options, so why not go for a dual colour door – white inside and golden oak outside, you can even choose to have the outer frame in a different colour to the main door slab.

Another reason why Solidor are a great choice is the “Solidor green promise”, all of the timbers used in a Solidor are harvested from forests which are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. Solidor contributes to the ongoing growing of senna siamea seeds in small polythene tubes, which will provide a sustainable source of quick-growing fuel wood, Solidor will donate one of these for every composite door sold.

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If you are looking for something truly contemporary then the Solidor Italia Collection is definitely worth a look. Carefully designed and crafted from the finest materials, every door in the Italia Collection has been inspired by the Italian passion for design.

Looking to receive a quote? Get in touch and we can compile a quote for you or simply offer some friendly advice.

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