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Apeer Composite Doors

The New Seamless Glazing System

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Apeer Composite Doors aren’t just central to the appearance of your home, they are also what separates you and your family from the wind, the rain and the world outside.

That’s why we haven’t just created a stunning range of elegant doors, they have designed and manufactured what they believe are some of the most secure, durable and energy efficient external doors available in the market today.

With the option of the famous Kitemark certification, Apeer brings the best of both worlds right to your front door. With the sophisticated appearance of solid timber, and all the stability, energy efficiency and durability of modern materials, Apeer doors are the perfect hassle-free protector for your home and your family. Available in two thicknesses of 70mm and 44mm, each Apeer70 and Apeer44 is made from fibreglass (GRP) and uPVC with steel reinforcement and a rigid, high density, energy retaining, injected polyurethane core.

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Apeer Composite Doors may come in two formats, but the principles behind each remain the same. Whether you choose the 70mm thick, double rebate Apeer70, or the ingenuity of the 44mm thick, single rebate Apeer44, both perform exceptionally well in terms of energy efficiency, security and appearance.

The best designs always provide a practical but elegant solution to a serious problem. Using a unique combination of some of the strongest and most robust materials in the world including steel, GRP, toughened triple or double glazed units and high density polyurethane, every Apeer70 and Apeer44 has security at its very core.

With ‘Secured by Design’ police approval, this generation of Apeer doors uses the latest in locking technology to challenge even the most experienced criminals. Steel dog bolts secure the door to the frame, while the anti-pick, anti-drill, anti-snap and anti-bump cylinder locks will give you complete peace of mind.

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Integrating glass into your Apeer Composite Doors are a simple way to add personality and light to your living space. All of our bevelled glass, fused tile and sandblasted designs are hand crafted by our decorative glass experts. Each design is then integrated into our unique triple or double-glazed units and then presented in the door framed by a matching timber-effect, raised internal moulding trim. We have ensured that these glazed units can only be accessed from the inside, which both further enhances the security features of your door and facilitates redecorations or replacements.

Our low-maintenance, highly robust colour finish is designed to stay looking good year after year, both on the outside and on the inside. Choose the perfect colour for the exterior of your home and match it with the perfect colour for the inside. Plus, for absolute consistency even when the door is open, we carefully colour match every edge.

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