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Cortizo Bi-Folding Doors

Aluminium bi-folding door systems

The range of Cortizo Bi-Folding Doors are all designed to the highest quality and offer an exceptional level of performance all year round. With up to 14 sashes available, alongside outside and inside opening, there is the possibility of either even or odd numbers of sashes and you will find a design to suit your requirements.

Cortizo bi-folding doors are available in a variety of finishes and colours, from bi-colour systems, wood effect powder coating or even colour powder coating in mottled finishes. There are many more options available, and no matter your requirements, Cortizo bi-folding doors will meet any specification you have.

The slim frames available with these doors allow for maximum light into the room, and bi-folding doors open wide to allow the living space inside to truly expand effortlessly out into the garden.

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All of the systems we use have different primary applications such as :

  • Visofold 1000 is suitable for residential properties or light general use
  • Visofold 2000 is best suited for commercial or retail use
  • Visofold 3000 is for residential properties
  • Visofold 4000 is best suited for robust use

Another option available to you is the application of integral venetian blinds, manual pulley cord, slide magnetic or fully electric. Integral blinds are a good idea for when privacy may be an issue.

At Window Wise Trade we always do our best to ensure that the customer has all relevant information before making a decision so we can avoid any disappointment further down the line.

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