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What are Aluminium Casement Windows

Aluminium casement windows are aluminium windows that open via hinges. These windows are usually side hung on hinges, and often open outwards in a pair.

Why choose aluminium windows?

Aluminium casement windows are usually used for older houses, where they can match the appearance of the home whilst offering additional ventilation. With our aluminium windows, you can choose casement window options that will fit the original characteristics of your home. Our in-house team can manufacture and install your windows to your specifications, providing our industry-leading expertise to your home windows.

Open inwards or outwards?

Another important question to address when considering aluminium windows is whether the windows should open inwards or outwards. For windows placed on ground floors and higher, we recommend having your casement windows placed above head height and opening outwards. This will help stop rain and damp from entering your home when the windows are open and keeps the space inside your house open and free from obstruction. However, if you are placing your casement windows in a basement, you may want the windows to open inwards to avoid them obstructing the area outside the basement window. This is especially the case if there is a path or walkway that passes outside your basement window, as windows that open outwards could provide a trip hazard.

Where can aluminium casement windows be placed?

As we mentioned, aluminium windows are often used in more traditional homes. Many older properties are originally fitted with casement windows and our windows can provide the perfect replacement for these ageing casement windows. With aluminium casement windows, you can maintain the original look of your property but with increased security and the advancements of modern engineering. However, aluminium windows can also be an excellent option for modern homes. Offering the same increased airflow and improved security as in traditional homes, we can outfit our windows to complement your home with colours and styles that work with what you want for your home.

If you have any queries about Aluminium Casement Windows, you can get in touch with us directly and we will be happy to take you through a consultation.

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