Composite Windows Windowwise-Trade

What Are Composite Windows?

With the ever-developing housing market for better aesthetics, energy efficiency and increased thermal performance and Governments commitment for the UK to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. A new breed of double glazed window and door product is emerging in the architectural glazing industry. Commonly referred to as composite windows and doors, these products offer a refreshing alternative to conventional uPVC. What are composite windows made of? ‘Composite’ is a…

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Aluminium Casement Windows Windowwise-Trade

What are Aluminium Casement Windows

Aluminium casement windows are aluminium windows that open via hinges. These windows are usually side hung on hinges, and often open outwards in a pair. Why choose aluminium windows? Aluminium casement windows are usually used for older houses, where they can match the appearance of the home whilst offering additional ventilation. With our aluminium windows, you can choose casement window options that will fit the original characteristics of your home.…

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Advantages of Aluminium Windows Windowwise-Trade

What Are The Advantages Of Aluminium Windows?

When considering the advantages of aluminium windows for your home, it’s vital to take time to consider all the options available to deliver the best solution for your home. As you would expect, there are many factors to consider – the appearance, the environmental aspect, the lifespan, the maintenance, the security and the choice of material. When it comes to aluminium windows there are plenty of advantages in all these…

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Composite Windows and Doors Windowwise-Trade

What Are Composite Windows & Doors

There is one surprising question that comes up rather frequently. So much so that it forms the topic of this, our next blog post and that question is this: “What are composite windows & doors?” No doubt there will be those of you out there now screaming at the computer screen, aghast that someone wouldn’t know the answer but as the saying goes; “it’s only easy if you know the…

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Smart Bifold Doors Windowwise-Trade

5 Reasons to Choose Smart Bifold Doors

Investing in Smart bifold doors will increase not only the visual appeal of your property but also the functionality and value of the property. The modern and robust designs of Smart bifold doors allow for the use of an extensive range of metals and polymer products to create the optimum appearance and finish that property owners are looking for. Most popular among these products are aluminium and unplasticised polyvinyl chloride…

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Vacuum Insulated Glazing Windowwise-Trade

Vacuum Insulated Glazing

Vacuum Insulated Glazing: Less Is More – Our Future The arrival of vacuum insulated glazing, or VIG, has got me to thinking about our industry in a much wider sense. The more I look at vacuum insulated glazing, the more I believe it is something we should be looking at in way more detail and energy. But it shouldn’t stop at that. In every aspect of our sector, we should…

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Timber Sliding Sash Windows Windowwise-Trade

Replacing Your Timber Sliding Sash Windows

Timber sliding sash windows are often a defining feature of a period property. If your sash windows require replacement, there’s plenty to consider to ensure you make the right choice and install sash windows that are sympathetic to the original design. Care must be taken when replacing timber sash windows to ensure they are in keeping with the period of the property, are stylish, and of good quality to last…

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Benefits of Triple Glazing Windowwise-Trade

The Benefits of Triple Glazing

Advances in technology are continually improving the energy performance of windows, with triple glazing becoming a popular alternative to traditional double glazing. What is triple glazing? Triple glazing means your doors and windows have three panes of glass instead of one or two. The aim of the extra pane is to increase energy efficiency and reduce noise in your home. The energy performance of a window is measured by its…

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Smart Bi-Fold Doors Windowwise-Trade

Smart Bi-Fold Doors & How They Work

French doors or sliding doors have been the traditional door of choice used to close large doorways. The arrival of Smart bi-fold doors design has become a popular alternative that can add value, ambience and space-saving functionality to a building. As these designs are relatively new to the market and their advantages are relatively unknown, it is worth getting a bit more understanding of bi-fold door principles and investigating the…

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Smart Bi-Fold Door Windowwise-Trade

Bi-Fold Door Or Patio Door – What You Need To Know

Imagine letting more light into your home, taking your kitchen or conservatory and opening it up… Natural daylight has the power to transform a room, making it feel brighter and more spacious, not to mention the views that you will now be able to access from inside. If you’re wanting more light and an easy, stylish way to enjoy your outside area; your two main options are a patio door…

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