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Think Sliding Doors Are Impractical? Think Again…

Sliding doors are growing in popularity in most homes. They are a great way to add a touch of style and a modern look to your home. Additionally, sliding doors provide natural light to your home and keep your house bright and breezy. If you are fond of the illusion of bringing the outdoors inside, then having sliding doors are a great idea. Thanks to the large proportion of uninterrupted…

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Timber Windows & Doors Windowwise-Trade

Choosing the Right Colour for Your Timber Windows & Doors

What is the right colour to paint your timber windows & doors? With so many paint colours, hues and finishes to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve provided some tips for painting wooden window frames and doors below. What colour is best for wooden windows and doors? The best colour for your windows and doors is dependant on several factors, including: The exterior finish…

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Sliding Patio Doors Windowwise-Trade

Your Guide To Sliding Patio Door Maintenance

Sliding patio doors are a fantastic installation to have in your home. They’re modern and chic, with a number of practical benefits too. Sliding doors are energy efficient, safe and even environmentally friendly in some cases. What’s not to love? Putting all these benefits aside for a moment, it is important to talk about maintenance and cleaning when it comes to sliding patio doors. After all, they are an investment…

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Wooden Sash Windows Windowwise-Trade

A Buyer’s Guide to Wooden Sash Windows

Whether you are building a new home in the style of the Georgian era, renovating a Victorian property or replacing windows in a Grade I listed castle, wooden sash windows are likely to be a necessity to match the period and charm of the building. Often associated with 18th and 19th century properties, wooden sash windows are thought of as difficult to operate, quite often having been painted shut over…

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Casement Windows Windowwise-Trade

What Is A Casement Window?

Believe it or not, casement windows have been an architectural feature in Britain a lot longer than the classic sliding sash window has. Usually fitted singly or in pairs, casement windows are functional, versatile and airtight. So, it’s hardly surprising that these windows remain one of the UK’s favourite window styles, thanks to their simplistic yet secure nature. Available in every window material and either sculptured (curved) or chamfered (symmetrical)…

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Wooden Windows And Doors Windowwise-Trade

Counting The Carbon Impact Of Wooden Windows And Doors

For many years the uPVC window companies have been telling us that their windows and doors are better than wooden windows and doors because they counteract the pitfalls of timber windows that we all remember from the 80s and 90s. They have been telling us now for years that uPVC windows have a long life, need no maintenance or redecoration, they are more energy efficient, leave trees in our forests,…

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Timber Windows and Doors Windowwise-Trade

How Secure are Timber Windows and Doors

From bespoke Entrance Doors to traditionally styled timber Flush Casement windows and contemporary Bifold Doors, timber windows & doors can bring a sense of style and character to any property. With a wide range of finishes and bespoke design options, timber windows and doors can be personalised to suit your style, making them a key design feature of your home and instantly adding value and kerb appeal. But it’s not…

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Glass Options For Windows Windowwise-Trade

Glass Options For Windows

Glass Options For Windows The original purpose of windows was to admit light into a building during the day. Historically these were unglazed openings in a roof rather than the windows we are familiar with today. The first windows were made with pieces of hand blown glass held together by lattice leading. Soon after, the invention of thinner and flatter plate glass led to larger squares of glass held together…

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Window Materials Windowwise-Trade

What New Window Materials Should I Choose?

Modern window materials & new technologies Historically, windows were made using timber frames. Steel windows came into use in the early part of the 20th century, followed by aluminium windows in the post-war period. But as good conductors of heat, metal windows easily let heat escape from a home. uPVC windows were introduced in the 1980s as a more energy efficient type of window, and remains the most popular window…

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Sliding Folding Door Windowwise-Trade

Visofold 6000 Slimline Sliding Folding Door

Smart Architectural Aluminium has launched Visofold 6000, a high-quality, high-performance sliding folding door which offers a number of opening options for great flexibility. The slimmest door in the Visofold range, the exceptionally slim sight lines of the new Visofold 6000 door provide an elegant, contemporary solution. Visofold 6000 is perfect for both commercial and residential projects where large openings are required, with the system maximising light and space to give…

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