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The two directors of Window Wise Trade, Harry Manoe and Alan Maxwell, have worked in the house building and home improving industry together for over 30 years — 15 years as WindowWise windows and doors manufacturers, and always as friends.

Their own extensive onsite building experience gives them insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Harry is the services director and meets with customers to understand what they’re looking for, what would best suit their building and its location, situation and aspect. Harry looks after the customer — from design to installation — offering onsite visits, advice and guidance on aesthetics, architectural features, performance and energy ratings.

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Alan is the technical specialist and director of operations. He sources the best materials that give the greatest durability, structural tensile strength, security and performance and researches new material and construction technologies, glazing, finishes and manufacturing processes.

Together they have the knowledge to design, produce and install windows, entrance doors and conservatories that match the building’s intended look and function, to produce exquisite results.

Support team
We are a friendly, knowledgeable administration team of people, living locally, who help home owners and trade enquirers with information. We all take an active interest in the company.

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Manufacturing team
Manufacture is a combination of machine engineering and hand-tooling fabrication. We ensure our factory technicians are well-trained in using the equipment efficiently and safely to produce articles of high specification, and are up to date in manufacturing skills.

Both the manufacturing process and customer service are supported by manufacturing and fabrication technologies, with computer tracking of parts, orders and production processes.

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