Sash window replacement – essential home care

Replacing sash windows in Victorian or Georgian houses

Replacement of sash windows is essential in houses over a hundred years old, and now is probably the best time to undertake this work.

The original sash windows were simple and usually constructed in softwood that diminishes over time. Today, sash window construction is more complex to be more durable and easier to maintain. It’s also possible to choose PVC window systems that replicate the aesthetics and style of the originals.

After London’s 1666 fire, building legislation required window frames to be inset by four inches or more from the external façade so that in future fire couldn’t travel as lithely as it did in the Great Fire.  They also had to be set behind the stone or brickwork.

One of the century-old problems of sash windows was the cleaning, an unwieldy process. More modern sash window system designs make it much easier.

We provide both a sliding sash, with spiral balance and with cords and weights in several styles that are highly sympathetic to authenticity.

We also source period style fittings and fixtures in brass, pewter, and chrome – for sash fasteners, hook lifts and pull handles.

High quality sash window from Window WiseHigh quality sash window from Window Wise Trade