Integral blinds – convenient, elegant

Contemporary window treatments with integral blinds

Combining elegance, safety, convenience and control are reasons enough to consider blinds encased in double-glazed window units for prestigious home improvement projects.

There are a number of attractive options for pleated or Venetian blinds:

• magnetic control – raising, lowering and tilting
• motorised – raising, lowering and tilting
• solar powered – for Venetian blinds
• slider – manual system for blinds control

Best situations for integral blinds
• conservatories, sunrooms
• folding sliding patio doors
• home entrances with adjacent picture windows
• pool rooms
• play rooms
• home offices, studios

We use an integral blind system that is manufactured to the highest technical specifications. The rotational magnetic transmission through the glass avoids breaking the window unit’s hermetic seal.

Privacy, functionality
Integral blinds are perfect for privacy and separating large areas into smaller living spaces, each with its own defined décor and function.

Blinds are available in a range of subtle, pastel colours and also a range of brighter statement colours for the fabric variations.

Integrated Blinds Preview