Bay windows – inside and outside, a charming feature

Bay and bow windows making more space, bringing in light

Bay windows, a Victorian feature, retain their appeal 150 years later. Their charm is their architectural possibilities and prettiness.

Highly favoured for its perceived additional interior space and ambient lighting admitted through the three-sided panels of panes, their popularity demonstrates just how important windows are, not just to ventilating and lighting a house, but to creating a home’s charm and appeal. Nobody wants to live in a box.

WindowWise offers bay window variations to suit any aspiration:

• traditional canted window ground up
• canted window cantilevered off the wall
• double-storey canted bay windows
• multi-storey canted bay windows
• floor to ceiling bay windows
• bow windows – with curved architraves

We design windows to enhance a home’s exterior and interior in keeping with the house’s style.


• PVC – with a choice of finishes, including wood-grain
• timber, softwood, hardwood or oak
• aluminium – for contemporary architecture