Roller security shutters

Roller shutters – visual and physical deterrent

Visual and physical deterrent

Roller shutters, manufactured from aluminium, are reliably strong. They fit neatly over the aperture frame in such a way that cannot be levered easily away from the wall to create an opening.

There is a range of roller shutter options to suit the degree of protection or privacy that is required. The dimensions of the profile – cross-section interior components of the slat – will depend on the robustness of intruder deterrence.

External, internal or invisible casing
We also offer a choice of internal or external shutter casings, and for new-builds, an integrated, invisible shutter casing option for a very sleek finish.

Enhanced security
For homes requiring stringent security measures, we suggest extruded profiles with thicker, reinforced slats or dual-walled slats that provide additional burglar protection.

Range of roller shutters
With today’s demand for good-looking security, we provide a range of profiles:

• extruded
• punched
• perforated
• polycarbonate
• self-locking
• near-silent

Colour options
The shutter systems offer an astounding variety of colour options and finishes, including laminate and anodised:

• woodgrain finishes – 48 options, from pine to black cherry
• silk finishes – 22 options, from tobasco teak to fir green
• anti-graffit – 37 options, from light ivory metallic copper

The laminate finishes have a 10-year guarantee

Manual or electric
We fit either manual systems, with an internally-placed winder, or motorised systems which can also be fitted with weather-responsive sensors to open or close the shutters.

Installation, maintenance
We assess the property before installation to give you the best advice and to discuss possibilities with you. We provide roller shutters that are resistant to UV rays and corrosion for minimal maintenance. The slats and roller system are manufactured from primary aluminium.

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