Rolled garage doors

Roller garage doors – secure, convenient access

Garage doors – come a long way
Garage doors have been around for two and a half centuries. The earliest versions were of course the gates to the gatehouse that stowed the chariots.

Garage doors – street cred
Today, people don’t store away their chariots, but they do lock a lot away behind those doors.

What we install needs to be strong, durable, easy to open if you’re the homeowner – and difficult, if you’re not.

Strength, functionality, space
Our roller doors are recommended for hard-standings or short drive ways with limited front-space. The roll-over construction of foam-filled high-grade aluminium slats – excellent for strength, insulation and security – need less vehicle accessing space than the conventional up-and-over option.

The manual option provides an easy up-down slide motion, using durable, heavy-wearing components: torsion cords, weights and locking mechanisms. We advise our customers on maintenance routines to include easy visual checks and lubrication.

The electric option includes:

• manual release – for power failure
• 2 remote controls
• High quality tube motor, 5-year warranty
• quiet operation
• emergency safety mechanism to stop the door
• thermal insulation
• inbuilt auto-locking

Safety, security, controls
Rolled garage doors are necessarily heavy and could cause injury or damage. WindowWise takes enormous care in selecting door components for their record on safety design and manufacture, and in the installation.

The garage roller door fits behind the brickwork aperture that provides the high strength brackets into which the reinforced locking bolts are shot. The aluminium rail on the bottom is specifically designed for additional security.

Garage doors – looking good
Garage doors are often the distinguishing element of a house. “You’ll find us easily – it’s the house with the white double garage doors!”. WindowWise offers:

• a choice of textured wood grain finishes
• white interior for brighter appearance
• choice of 14 plain finish colours
• standard or bespoke sizes

Our garage doors come with a 5-year guarantee, and of course, we guarantee the workmanship of our installation.

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