PCV decking

Outdoor decking

Patios and parties
Terrace, patio, poolside or play-area decking adds outdoor dimension to a home. Outdoor decking quickly transforms a garden with possibilities of interesting contours, terraced seating, pontoons to ponds and tucked-away hide-aways for Sunday relaxation. PVC decking is a sensible alternative to all-wood decking for a number of excellent reasons:

• low maintenance
• highly robust and durable
• natural appearance
• splinter-free, not splitting
• slip resistant, water resistant

Environmentally friendly
We use cladding constructed of sustainable wood and PVC. The pine is sourced from continuously replanted forests of quick-growing trees and not from endangered rain forests. The manufacture of the part-natural planks render them 100% recyclable.

Natural look and feel of wood

As technology blends more seamlessly with the organic, so is it possible to mimic nature without destroying it. The outdoor decking that WindowWise uses invites imaginative use around the house.

• perfect blend with the garden
• limitless creativity – formal to fanciful
• well-weathering
• worm and insect resistant
• range of colours to complement the house exterior

• apricot
• walnut
• hazelnut
• olive
• bark
• river stone
• turf
• liquorice

For help in designing a decking area for your garden – call us
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