Conservatories, sunrooms

Conservatories – extending the outdoor season

Adding lifestyle value

Of course a conservatory adds space, light and character to a home. For those three reasons, the investment is substantiated.

On a site visit, we use our own construction knowledge and experience to consider your best options — to give the greatest winter warmth and daylight, and summer shade and cool.

We design and install around your needs – a bespoke conservatory, with bespoke service.

Conservatories, like so much else in the house-building industry, are evolving. New technologies make many things possible.

With proper insulation, under-floor heating and insulating blinds, the conservatory expands the home’s functions:
• a television room
• a dining room
• a second sitting room
• a studio or hobby room
• a playroom
• a home office

Adding a conservatory seems a preferred financial option than paying stamp duty on a larger house.

Adding property value

Many conservatories, attached to the rear of a house, seem just that – attachments. At WindowWise, we create a conservatory that truly extends the house, so that it seems a part of it. We build Regency, Victorian, Edwardian and contemporary styles that complement the house style.

A conservatory must add substantial value to a property, for now and for resale. In our construction and design, we consider not just its functionality, but also its durability.

In our manufacturing, we use:

• highest quality in materials
• robust manufacturing processes
• double and triple glaze options
• thermal technology – profiles that improve the overall U-value
• secure multi-point locking mechanisms
• range of colours and options
• choice of finish – metallic, wood structure

To add light and life to your home, call us for a conservatory
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