Cladding for the home

Changing the facade

Architectural feature
Cladding, adding an aesthetic layer to a house’s outer walls to alter its appearance, is particularly popular in contemporary style homes. Architects, with ambitions to design unique houses for the discerning property owner, blend the call of the wild with enduring artificial composites to create truly masterful edifices – a blend of nature with technology.

Technology creates beautiful illusions and makes beautiful exteriors with breathtaking results.

Nature together with technology
WindowWise uses a particular range that mixes nature with technology. The material amalgamates natural wood with PVC, with many advantages:
• natural appearance of wood
• warm feel and texture of wood
• PVC durability
• insect resistant
• water resistant
• low maintenance
• 100% recyclable
• non-splitting
• splinter-free

The environmentally friendly alternative
The cladding we use is sourced from continuously replanted forests of quick-growing trees. We like that it’s a very good alternative to tropical hardwood from endangered rain forests. The planks are manufactured in such a way that they’re 100% recyclable.

Natural aging process
The cladding panels contain wood fibres that change during exposure to sun and rain. This inherent aging gives the planking a natural colour alteration.

Closed-wall cladding
This form of cladding is constructed from tightly juxtaposed planks that give it a tongue and groove appearance.

In summer, its insulated, ventilated wall system keeps out heat and keeps in fresh air. In winter it retains the internal warmth and keeps out the cold air.

• double-walled construction of profiles for strength
• ventilated system for air circulation for moisture and heat control
• insulation to help reduce energy costs and carbon emissions
• manufactured to high standards

Open-wall cladding
This system works on the open joint principle. It has a base structure that enhances its lifespan.

• anodised aluminium underlying structure for durability
• enhanced ventilation
• UV resistant, moisture-proof protection layer
• creates unique finish
• engineered to high standards

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Cladding Preview