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Designed to replicate the 19th century flush sash timber window


Residence 9 windows, quintessentially British, perfect for period homes and village life

Whether you live in a cottage in a village, townhouse or period property, R9 windows are a great option because you can replace your old windows with new, thermally and acoustically superior windows, manufactured using easy to clean, low maintenance materials without losing the traditional appeal of the building.

Conservation areas

A conservation area is an area of specific architectural or historical interest, when replacing windows in a conservation area it is imperative to get planning permission before starting any building work.
Windows can be praised for the architectural impact and character they bring to a home so it is important to retain as many of the traditional features as possible, this is when R9 windows truly show their character, designed to authentically replicate traditional timber windows by mirroring the sizes of historically documented buildings and by following article 4 planning guidelines.

Article 4

Article 4 is when planning authority applies to restrict development rights in a conservation area. Replacement windows then need planning approval and conservation area consent, this is rightly done to preserve architectural merit.
Residence 9 windows can be used to replace windows in conservation areas due to the fact that they follow article 4 directives.
“The use of modern material will be accepted provided that the window is of design, dimensions, detailing and opening mechanisms are similar to the original window”
R9 windows have been designed to replicate documented historical window designs.

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Below are some of the colours available to you, if you cannot decide you could always go for a dual colour option.

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