PVC doors

PVC doors – popular and appealing

For the family-focused homeowner, PVC is a popular option.

PVC doors are:

• tough – withstanding normal knocks and football bangs
• strong – for excellent security
• weather resistant
• insulated – with reinforced internal chamber structures
• energy efficient
• easy to clean
• easy to maintain
• fireproof
• eco-friendly – longer life, recyclable

Homeowner benefits:

• no repainting – but choice of colours available
• no deterioration
• no corrosion

We source market-leading, high quality, well constructed door basics. We enhance these, when desired, with side panels, top picture windows and porch windows to provide our customers’ homes with something distinctive and warmly welcoming.

We offer an extensive range of door profiles. Drawing on our own ten years’ building experience, we advise our customers, when asked, on suitable styles, colours and finishes that complement the house.

Our PVC door range is the result of years of technology innovation. The PVC doors undergo rigorous testing to ensure high quality, durability and insulation.

PVC Doors Preview