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Schueco patio doors sliding systems offer perfect functionality and the diverse opening options open up special design possibilities:

  • Sliding doors
  • Lift-and-slide doors
  • Tilt/slide (PASK) doors

Thanks to the wide choice of colours and profiles, the transparent sliding constructions can be perfectly tailored to the architecture of a house or conservatory both inside and out. This creates an harmonious overall appearance and visually striking accents.

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All Schueco patio doors sliding units run in a single plane, with no unsightly vent protruding into the room. Apart from thermally insulated and highly thermally insulated systems for the widest range of requirements for outdoor use, Schueco also offers non-insulated series for flexible interior design. An additional plus point is that due to their identical face widths the system designs for internal and external use can be combined seamlessly. The profile surface finishes, which can be designed with different colours inside and outside, offer additional design options.
E-slide door Schueco patio doorsOperated at the touch of a button. The easier lift-and-slide doors are to move, the greater the user comfort. Schueco has therefore developed e-slide technology. This allows vents weighing up to 250 kg to be moved fully automatically, very quietly and quickly.
The concealed e-slide automatic function is operated using a control panel on the vent, a wall-mounted switch or centrally, if it is integrated in the building management system.
As the Schueco e-slide fitting is fully automatic, an anti-finger trap is integrated in the sliding and lift-and-slide systems.
Lift slide door Schueco patio doors

A Schueco lift-and-slide door made from aluminium profiles is very easy to move. When closed, the door is perfectly weathertight, providing excellent thermal insulation and sound reduction. Up to three tracks allow large opening widths and the door can therefore be used with great flexibility in large glass constructions.

Schueco patio doors Tilt slide doorsTilt/slide doors, as a combination of a sliding door and a turn/tilt window, are practical and easy to use. For ventilation purposes, the vent of the tilt/slide doors alone can be tilted or the entire area can be opened up. Tilt/slide vents are stylishly flush-fitted in the frame units on the outside and face-fitted on the inside, thereby providing optimum weather tightness.
Whether for sliding, lift-and-slide, tilt/slide or folding sliding systems, Schueco aluminium system solutions allow maximum operating comfort, thermal insulation, security and design to be perfectly combined. Narrow profile face widths ensure large units and maximum light penetration. In terms of technology and design, all the systems offer a range of fittings and design options which meet all the requirements of commercial and private residential projects. Even operation at the touch of a button is possible due to the completely concealed Schueco e-slide drive system.

Schueco aluminium sliding systems offer flexible, thermally insulated and non-insulated door solutions for all requirements in the commercial and residential sector. They create generous openings to the outside and add emphasis in indoor areas as transparent transitions or discreet room dividers.

The largest range of colours that we offer is the RAL colour range, a range of colours that have a smooth finish and are available in a matt, satin or gloss finish. Ral colours and can be used on all Schueco windows, patio doors & bi-folding doors.

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