Folding sliding doors
– Bi Fold Doors

Folding sliding doors for indoor, outdoor pleasure

Linking the inside with the great outdoors is made so smoothly with bi-fold sliding doors.

Glass door panels opening outwards fold flat against each other at either end to widen the door space to maximum to permit truly panoramic views.

The door panels, suspended from a top roller track system, seem to float easily as they’re pulled across. Bi-folding doors are perfect for family living, sunset cocktails and summer parties.

Bi folding doors are available in contemporary and traditional styles. They offer:

• highest quality in materials
• most robust manufacturing processes
• double and triple glaze options
• thermal technology – profiles that improve the overall U-value
• secure multi-point locking mechanisms
• range of colours and options
• choice of finish – metallic, wood structure

6 panel bi-fold6 panel bi-fold inside5 panel bi-folding door3 panel bi-folding door

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Folding Sliding Doors Gallery


Demonstration of Bi Fold Doors /Windows – from the inside

Demonstration of sliding windows from the inside


Demonstration of Bi Fold Doors / Windows – from the outside

Demonstration of sliding windows from the outside


Configuration of the Demonstration of Bi Fold Doors /Windows

Configuration of a sliding door with 6 left panels 0 right panels