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Core Vision+
Frameless Patio Doors

The Core Vision+ Aluminium Sliding Door is a premium sliding door which looks fantastic in modern and traditional properties alike. Utilising a super slim line aluminium profile, you get more glazing area per square inch showing nearly 94% of glass in 100% of the total aperture. The Cor Vision Plus Sliding Door has an outstanding glazing capacity allowing installation of glass up to 54mm wide which is more than enough for even the heaviest acoustic and thermal specialised glass types.

The Core Vision+ Sliding Door configuration can be comprised of 2 and 4 fixed sashes each with dimensions of 4000mm wide and 4000mm high. The frame on each sash has a visible section of just 25 mm and the possibility to inlay the bottom totally. Also available if required is a motorised option allowing you to open and close the door with a simple push button however this option is only available for opening weights of 700kg or less.

The rollers are placed in the frame, and the sashes count with a stainless steel reinforced channel which makes the sliding movement smooth.

Cor Vision Plus Sliding Doors 03

Cor Vision Plus Sliding Doors 04

Cor Vision Plus Sliding Doors 07

Minimalist design able to cover large gaps allowing maximum luminosity with the minimum aluminum section.
It allows sash dimensions of up to 4 meters wide or high, allowing combinations of up to 6 sashes and meetings at a 90° corner without a mullion.
It has a visible section of just 25 mm and the possibility to inlay totally the bottom, lateral and top frames.

Cor Vision Plus Sliding Doors 08

Cor Vision Plus Sliding Doors 09

Cor Vision Plus Sliding Doors 10

It has the possibility of motorized opening carrying weights of up to 700 kg/sash. Manual opening allow to bear up to 400 kg.
The bearings are placed in the frame and the sash has a double reinforced stainless steel rail that gives a great sliding smoothness.
Of multi-point locking systems through operation rod with and without key.

Cor Vision Plus Sliding Doors 11

Cor Vision Plus Sliding Doors 12

The new sliding system with thermal break Core Vision+ counts with a glazing capacity of up to 54 mm, which allows reaching an optimal thermal and acoustic performance.

Its high thermal insulation provides comfort indoors and allows a great heating and cooling saving.

The high acoustic performance of this system allows us to enjoy the silence ensuring the interior quietness and rest.