Patio doors – a way of living

Sliding doors – indoors with the outdoors

Home renovations, particularly kitchen extensions that lengthen into the garden, are now so popular that if a family can afford it, they do it.

The broad expanse of glass — and the view through it — makes the living space appear greater, airier.

Doors that glide easily aside to give way to a balcony, patio or garden transform weekend living.

Sliding door configurations:
• slide folding doors – opening to the full aperture – for full thoroughfare
• sliding doors – with one door panel sliding behind the other
• slim-line sliding door – with narrow profiles to optimise views

Today, technology innovations have improved the security, motion and thermal performance.

WindowWise chooses suppliers that continually research materials and improve production processes to obtain optimal results. Big considerations for us are:

• highest quality in materials
• most robust manufacturing processes
• double and triple glaze options
• thermal technology – profiles that improve the overall U-value
• secure multi-point locking mechanisms
• range of colours and options
• choice of finish – metallic, wood structure

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Patio Doors Preview


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