Smarts bi-folding doors

Technical information

Aluminium bi-folding door systems

Bi-folding doors can really open up your house to the outside world.

At Window Wise Trade we manufacture and install bi-folding doors of many different sizes, styles and colours on a regular basis. Over the past year bi-folding doors have been our most sought after products, and it is easy to see why when looking out of a kitchen, living room or conservatory with wonderful panoramic views of your garden.

The bi-folding doors we manufacture have many options for opening configurations and can vary drastically in size. The following specifications show the maximum sash height and width for the different systems :

• Visofold 1000
• Visofold 2000
• Visofold 3000
• Visofold 4000

Visofold p2Visofold p3Visofold p4

All of the systems we use have different primary applications such as :

• Visofold 1000 is suitable for residential properties or light general use
• Visofold 2000 is best suited for commercial or retail use
• Visofold 3000 is for residential properties
• Visofold 4000 is best suited for robust use

Another option available to you is the application of integral venetian blinds, manual pulley cord, slide magnetic or fully electric. Integral blinds are a good idea for when privacy may be an issue.

At Window Wise Trade we always do our best to ensure that the customer has all relevant information before making a decision so we can avoid any disappointment further down the line.